Timothy Jordan

Physics PhD Candidate at
Georgia State University


Field: Neurophysics
Topic: Functional Connectivity of Video Game Players

My current research project is utilizing Granger Causality Analysis and DTI Analysis to examine the effects of Video Game playing on Functional Connectivity for Decision Making Tasks. By comparing Video Gamers to Non-Video Gamers on a basic decision-making task I am looking to see if Video Games are beneficial to completing these tests more accurate, more quickly or both and by what mechanisms they could potentially accomplish this.

I am primary interested in topics of chronic pain & neurological disorders. Specifically, my main interests are in migraine, TBI, and progression of pain disorders. My goal is apply new methods of imaging and analysis to these conditions to hopefully explain more fully how they work.


Researcher, Photographer, Amateur Videographer, Physics Outreach Volunteer

I am currently a graduate student at Georgia State University working in Dr. Mukesh Dhamala's Lab as well as a photo editor and videographer contracted out by Lola Land Photography for various special events.

Outside of research and photography work, I spend my time training in mixed martial arts, competing in jiu jitsu tournaments, hiking, reading, playing video games, making hot sauce, cooking, learning sign language and coding, and many other endeavors.

Below is a list of other pages I run:

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PhD Media :Besides the Youtube Channel I run for my department (link found on front page), I also run a youtube channel for amateur fighting.

We Spread Science :This page is decidcated to showing off all the places where science lectures,podcasts,and learning resources can be found.

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