Laboratory for the Study of the Interaction of Radiation with Matter (IRML)

Interaction of Radiation with Matter Laboratory (IRML) which is housed in the Department of Physics and Astronomy was created on the 15th of November 1995, to enhance and promote departmental research in radiation studies. These studies range from the nuclear through the atomic and molecular and infrared region to the macromolecular realms, with radiation as the connecting thread. The studies performed in this Laboratory span the spectrum from the very long wavelengths of the microwave and infrared ranges, through the visible, ultraviolet and x-rays, to the hard gamma ray region. It is this broad wavelength spectrum approach to radiation studies which adds to the synergy and renders this Laboratory unique. In particular, the individual research projects carried out in the laboratory include:


Members of the IRML Laboratory are currently supported by six external grants (NSF, DOE, NASA, NIH) which bring to the University more than $500,000 per year. These funding and the support from the Research Program Enhancement has resulted in excellent productivity by any measure; in training graduate students (9 in this past year), in publications in the major international journals (more than 25 papers and 20 presentations this past year), in collaborative efforts with other major institutions.

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