Teaching Physics (PHYS6300)

Computer Number: 81041

Fall 2010 SYLLABUS


Instructor: Prof. A. G. U. Perera, Rm. 507 Science Annex, (404) 413-6037;

Class Timings: Fri. 1: 00 PM - 2: 00 PM. Every other week. At NSC 272 Dr. Evans will conduct the studio physics orientation.

Room: NSC 272

No required text. Readings from several books (in 3 day reserve in the library) will be required.

1. Teaching IntroPhysics. A source Book, C. E. Swartz & T Miner QC 30.s871997.

2. Teaching IntroPhysics, A. B. Arons, QC 30.A78 1997.

3. Conference on the Introductory Physics Course, J. Wilson, QC 30.c639 1993.

4. Real time Physics­active learning laboratory (vol 1 & 2) K.Thornton, Priscilla W. Laws, QC 30.s65 1999 V1,& V2. 

5. Five Easy Lessons: Strategies for Successful Physics Teaching by Randall D. Knight, QC 30.k65 2002.

6. Harvard Education Group's videos: A Private Universe and Minds of Our Own, Q 181.p75 1995.



1. Introductory meeting: Introductions/Goals/Requirements; Specific ideas on teaching labs (AGUP/CB-Sep 3rd) and discussion of first weeks of lab teaching experience students have had.

2. Discussions involving reading assignments on pedagogy.

3-7. Responsible conduct of research discussion (5 hours).


GRADING Your attendance and participation in the class will be required. More than 2 absences (without approval) will require you to retake the class if the assistantship is to be continued. The laboratory presentation and reports will provide 40% of your grade (from Dr. Evans), a writing assignment 25%, and other presentation (to be determined) will yield another 25%. The final 10% will be determined by your attendance at the Department Colloquia/Seminars, which will typically be on Tuesday  from 3: 30 PM--4: 30 PM. Other times and dates are possible, please check the website and check your e-mail for the announcements. Note that all students are expected to attend every departmental colloquium throughout the time they are at Georgia State. (A student teaching a lab during that period or out of town at a meeting or observatory or other laboratory will be excused from this requirement; however, the instructor should be informed in advance of such absences.) Students are expected to abide by the Policy on Academic Honesty (see the Graduate Bulletin).


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