Introductory Physics I
Physics 1111K, Spring Semester 2005
Room 218 General Classroom Building
Computer Number 12052, 12053, 12054
9:30AM~10:45AM / TR

 Course Overview
Instructor: Dr. Perera, Room 507 Science Annex. Phone 404-413-6037. 

Office hours: 8:45 A.M. - 9:20 A.M.  TR and by appointment.

A resource room will be available 3 days a week for several hours a day for students to go get additional help. The instructor in the resource room will not solve your home work problems. However, he/she will help you to understand the concepts in order for you to solve the problems. You can ask any other related questions from the lecture too. 

Time: 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM. Tuesday and Thursday

Laboratory: Registration for the Laboratory section is required for this course. For other information, Please contact the Physics Lab Coordinator Carola Butler, Email: .
Text: Cutnell & Johnson, Physics, Sixth Edition. We plan to cover portions of Chapter1 through 16, as time permits (Detailed Schedule)
Tests: Two "in-class" exams (one hour and 15 minutes each) and unannounced quizzes are planned. NO MAKE-UPS, if you miss one of the two exams, the final exam will count for it. If you complete the exam, it can not be replaced with the final exam.
Examination: A comprehensive final examination will be given on Thursday, 5th of May in Room 218, General Classroom  from 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM.
Homework: Homework problems are from the text and they will not be collected or graded. Selected problems will be worked out in class. Students are strongly advised to work these problems before coming to the class. Homework assignments, Quizzes, etc, will be graded using the e-grade website. Here e-grade registration is required. You should have an access code when you purchase the text-book. If you do not have the code, you can buy only the code when you go to register for the e-grade system. Website for registration for e-grade is
Grade: A final numerical grade will be determined on the following basis:
Sum of two test grades  ~36%
Final Examination (comprehensive) ~29%
Quizzes ~10%
Laboratory ~25%

To receive a passing grade you must have at least a 65% average in the laboratory portion. 

Veterans: Because of special requirements of the Veterans Administration, students who are receiving VA benefits must maintain a records of class attendance.
Cheating: The papers of students involved in cheating or duplicating work will be given a zero grade.

Withdrawal: Mar 4, Friday---The last day students may withdraw and possibly receive a  "W" (Only for students performing at passing level). A grade of "WF" is given automatically to students who withdraw after that date. 
Apr 18, Monday--The last day students may withdraw and receive a "WF". 

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