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01/2020 Our group is wrapping up its activities at GSU.

06/2018 Our group was awarded NSF grant to study magnetization dynamics in materials with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy.


Congratulations to Dr. Kasuni Nanayakkara !
She successfully defended her PhD thesis on April 13, 2018







Dr. Alexander Kozhanov was awarded Carl R. Nave Outstanding Physics Educator Award


Lab moved to NSC128/129








Kasuni Nanayakkara and Madison Hanberry made 4 presentations at
the APS March Meeting at New Orleans, LA


Madison P. Hanberry have been selected to participate in the University Assistantship Program in our group (with the Department of Physics and Astronomy) for the 2016-2017 academic year.


  • Congratulations to Madison P. Hanberry: he won the ”Best Oral Presentation” at the GSU Student Research  Conference

  • Congratulations to Matt Rager: he got admitted to the Materials Science and Engineering Ph.D. program at the Georgia Institute of Tech
  • Congratulations to Terence Fisher: he got admitted to the Condensed Matter Physics PhD program at the Florida State University.

08/2015 MOKE imaging system is up and running! Thanks to Kasuni Nanayakkara and Madison Parker Hanberry.




05/2015 Congratulations to Bojun Zhang with his MS in Physics degree!

04/04/2014 Group photo

12/21/2013 Lab modified! Extra optical table and space for the AFM!

11/05/2013 Results of our research on nanomagnets and spin waves were presented at the 58th annual conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials in Denver, CO. Our undergraduate student Mr. Terence Fisher presented his work on nanomagnetic triangles (by T. Fisher, T. Barbosa, A. Anferov, D. Nosgebe and our collaborators in Moscow, Russia: I. Eremin and I. Vasil’evskiy). In the photo below Terence is at the conference “gate”.

10/21/2013 Congratulations to Dickson Nosegbe, our 2012 Summer Bridge intern! After accomplishing his summer research in our lab and presenting it in Atlanta Perimeter College, he was selected to give a talk at the Peach State Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Emancipation (PSLSAMP). There Dickson won the second place award for undergraduate research in the mathematics and physical sciences category. Also he was offered admission to GeorigaTech for the Spring 2014 semester in Electrical Engineering program.

06/21/13 Microwave probe station is up and running. Today we have measured our first spin waves on it!

02/08/13 Magneto-Optics lab is all clean and shiny – thanks to Michael Laramie and Timiothy Barbosa. Magnet and optics are in place ready for MOKE setup assembly.


10/04/12 Our work on spin wave scattering and interference in ferromagnetic cross received 1st place poster award at the 7th annual Western Institute of Nanoelectronics review.


09/21/12    First 9GHz ferromagnetic resonance spectra measured on soft NiFe film!

09/20/12  Thanks to Aimin Liu and his group the 9GHz EPR is up and running.

09/15/12    Lab is covered with dust. Lots of old computers, unknown biological samples. Time to do some cleanup !!!

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