Physics 2212K Schedule Summer 2018


The following files are in PDF format.

Physics 2212K Lab Policies  

Physics 2212K Schedule  

Significant Digits  

Analyzing Data: Statistics, Significant Digits and Errors  

Using LINEST in Excel  

lab makeup form

Individual Experiments

Experiment 1   Speed of waves in a string

Experiment 2   Superposition of waves on a string

Experiment 3   Electric Charge and Force

Experiment 4   Electric Field

Experiment 5   Electric Potential Energy and Electric Potential

Experiment 6   Current Resistance and Voltage

Experiment 7   DC RC Circuits

Experiment 8   Magnetic Fields

Experiment 9   Double Slit interference

Experiment 10   Index of Refraction and Total Internal Reflection

Experiment 11   Lenses and Ray Tracing

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