Physics 1111K Schedule Summer 2018


Please read the policies for your lab before you come to the lab.


Students may use laptops for experiment procedures.

Students should bring a calculator. Many experiments require that you bring 5 or 10 line/cm graph paper.

Need Graph Paper? Follow this link to download printable graph paper forms. For these labs, set the grid pattern to 10 lines/cm. You can use the same link to download printable log and semi log graph paper.

Manuals and Answer Sheets for each lab are available as PDF files.

Introduction to Physics 1111K   lab makeup form


6/4   Introduction and assessment testing

6/6   The Metric System, Measuring Tools and Graphing   manual   answer sheet

6/11   Vectors   manual   answer sheet

6/13   Uniform Acceleration   manual   answer sheet

6/18   Normal and Friction Forces   manual   answer sheet

6/20   The Ballistic Pendulum   manual   answer sheet

6/25   Work, Energy, and Mechanical Advantage   manual   answer sheet

6/27   The Pendulum   manual   answer sheet

7/2   Harmonic Motion of a Spring   manual   answer sheet

7/4   No Labs  

7/9   Standing Waves and the Speed of Sound   manual   answer sheet

7/11   Specific Heat and the Heat of Fusion   manual   answer sheet

7/16   Buoyant Forces, Density, and Specific Gravity   manual   answer sheet

7/18   Assessment test  

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